C# Winforms Message Box Properties

in C# winforms when we display a message box it has no title in the title bar and no title in its button that is in the task bar.

What if i want to set title and icon for a message box.

one option is that create a form that appears and behaves like a message box and i show and hide it when i want. yes that can be done but i want to modify the "MessageBox"

3 Answers

Use a MessageBox.Show overload such as:

public static DialogResult Show(
    string text,
    string caption,
    MessageBoxButtons buttons,
    MessageBoxIcon icon

passing your title bar text in caption and your icon in icon e.g.

MessageBox.Show("Oh noes!", "My Application", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);

There is an overloaded version of show message box that will accept a title string and let you specify the icon and number/type of buttons.

The MessageBox.Show method has a bunch of overrides that allow you to set the properties of the pop-up.


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